Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Is having to use different entrances sometimes an issue in college?

I’m not saying it’s not an issue, but what was more an issue for me in college (not in the location in question) was weather issues. I remember missing classes due to snow, because I honestly couldn’t maneuver through it. Crossing a street on campus, I once got stranded in slush. When plows go through, they sometimes pile the snow in front of the ramps, Complete inaccessibility then.

[Image is: a panel of elevator buttons]

Elevator issues? 

Crowded? I mean, crowds aren’t necessarily problematic for me, especially in elevators, but crowds generally can be intimidating to navigate through, because everyone is twice as tall as you. Once, a few years ago, I was on the fringes of a conversation with family. One of my family members was talking animatedly and took a step back, ran into me, and lost his balance. He landed in my lap. (This is a full grown man. And yes, I am a full-grown woman, but on the small side.) Nothing prepares you for that. Though, I was glad he landed on me and didn’t fall all the way to the floor, it took me a couple weeks to recover. One of my legs was really sore afterward because it was caught behind the footrest and got torqued.
Broken? YES! Let me tell you a story. It’s called, I was in the computer lab on the second floor in college. Took the elevator to get there. Two hours later (around 10 PM when the lab closed and everyone left) I discovered that in that time the elevator had stopped working. I had to call my sister, who called someone else to all a maintenance guy who took an additional 40 minutes to fix it. I’ve seen Out of Order signs on elevators in public places - which, what are you going to do when that happens, if that’s your only means of getting where you need to go.


Bathrooms. Even if it says they’re accessible, they may not be. Case in point, one building on my college campus seemed a lot older than the others and only had one bathroom that was easily reachable. The problem? The doorway was nearly too narrow to enter through and then it was completely impossible to get into the stalls. Luckily I can get up and walk a few steps if I have something to hold onto along the way, but imagine if not. Then you’d be out of luck. Also, it kind of defeats the purpose of having accessible bathrooms when the doors weigh 15 tons and cannot be pushed open by mortal beings.
Hope this helps!