Thursday, January 9, 2014

All night. ALL NIGHT I’ve gotten messages that consist of: “Darren’s done worse/Darren was arrogant on Twitter/Chris was joking/You’re just hating on Chris/Chris’s sister is disabled so it’s ok/You’re not autistic why are you mad.”

[Image is: a watercolor of someone walking in the rain]

(I know you know this stuff, but I have to say it…)
1) Arrogance and ableism are entirely different things. Claiming something as one’s own is not even close to discriminating against people who are disabled.
2) Making a joke about something doesn’t make it NOT discriminatory.
3) I have no intense dislike for Chris, as I’m sure you don’t. Being willing to address something someone has said as problematic doesn’t equal hate.
4) Having a family member with a disability does not preclude Chris from having his own prejudices. As someone with a disability myself, my family certainly has said hurtful things to me (intentionally and unintentionally.) I’m not saying that Chris said what he said with the intent to hurt anyone, but the fact remains that it IS damaging.
5) I can only speak for myself (and I’m not autistic either) but as someone with a physical disability, I appreciate when other people (disabled and otherwise) speak against something that is harmful. If we let things slide because people with status say them, it just perpetuates the repression and ultimate dehumanization of a group of people.

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