Thursday, February 13, 2014

Alright moms of special needs kids…our 13 year old with cerebral palsy is joining her middle school basketball team. The first practice was today. She hasn’t participated in organized sports since she was in t-ball when she was 4. I know we need to let her do this and she was super pumped about it, but I am one nervous mom thinking about her being out there this afternoon with all of the “typical” kids. I’m really hoping that this is a positive experience for her and that people aren’t going to be mean to her or make fun of her. We’re really hoping it will allow her to meet a new group of kids and have a great team experience.  Dang, it’s hard to let them try these types of things.

[Image is: a basketball]

Hope you don’t mind me jumping in here. As someone with CP myself, who always longed to participate in team sports, I think it’s fantastic that your daughter’s joining the basketball team! Have confidence that her experience will be positive. Also, be sure she knows how to deal with questions, stares and teasing. If she knows she has options (that you, her coach, etc) are on her side and will be there to help her deal with any situation where she might need a little backup, it can only help. Hoping her first practice goes off without a hitch!

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