Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Advice: Shopping While Using a Wheelchair

Hi!  I went out today and could use some advice. Do you have any tips for shopping while using a wheelchair? I need my hands free to push myself and the basket doesn't always stay on my lap. I'm thinking of getting a mesh or clear vinyl bag so it doesn't look like I'm shoplifting. Any ideas?

If you want to get a clear/vinyl bag, go for it, but honestly, I usually just shop with a backpack on the back of my chair.  (I know it’s not something recommended when you’re walking - to just randomly put things in a bag - but it’s how I’ve always shopped.)  I keep it empty and open when I go in, and open while I shop, so it doesn’t look like anything is being concealed.  Afterward, I put the bags in the backpack and zip it closed.  Also, I don’t know if this is true where you are, but where I’m from, the are store employees who are willing to help customers shop. If no one offers, you can always ask if anyone’s available to help a customer shop (if you need to buy more than what fits in a backpack.)  There’s also the option of shopping with a friend.
Hope this helps!