Thursday, March 20, 2014

I know you've seen Wicked, do you have any meta on how Nessarose is portrayed in the show?

My first time seeing Wicked, in 2007, I had only basic knowledge about what it was about.  Upon seeing Nessarose, I was thrilled.  A character in a wheelchair is SO rare in a stage show.  I watched and enjoyed (even the parts where Elphaba is told to take care of her sister, because while somewhat irritating, it’s also true to life.)
I will say I had a visceral reaction when Nessarose stood up.  It was a hugely disappointing moment for me - much like when I see Artie magically standing in Glee, or wanting to be fixed or healed.  I’d been so thrilled to see a part that seemed tailor made for an actress in a chair, and then it suddenly just…wasn’t.
That was my honest first reaction.

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