Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month: Day 25

When I was out to eat with my family last week, I encountered more than a few positive moments:
1) Upon discovering there was no ramp leading to the sidewalk, my aunt and uncle never hesitated, just picked up my entire chair and got me over the curb. Same story at the end of the meal (except it was my aunt and my cousin helping me down.)
2) When I left the table to use the restroom and discovered the door was obscenely heavy, I was pleasantly surprised when a little girl - no older than seven and unprompted by an adult - came and held the door open for me.
3) When we left, there was a giant snow-covered drop-off, and my cousin encouraged me to start going really fast so I could take a flying leap over the edge. When I digressed, he changed tactics and said, “You should be like Artie.” I said, “Like Artie, how?” He said, “You should just start dancing, doing cool choreography. I’ll give you a beat if it helps.”

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