Friday, April 11, 2014

Advice: How Can People In Wheelchairs Drive?

I’ve seen references in fandom to Artie [character on Glee with a spinal cord injury] driving and I’m just not clear on how? If he can’t use his legs to control the gas and break? Are their special upgrades that are made to cars so he doesn’t need to use his feet?

First, it’s not offensive or insensitive at all (at least not to me.) I’m always open to questions. To answer your question, I found you a video which does a far better job of explaining than I can. I will say that when I took behind the wheel for driver’s ed, I drove once (and was then told I’d never learn…and I never learned…story for another time…) ANYWAY, I had one of those knobs on the steering wheel, and it was super hard for me to manage. Not sure why. Anyway, that’s my limited experience with hand controls. Any other questions, you can ALWAYS ask.

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