Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Amy Purdy and Inspiration Porn on Dancing with the Stars

Okay, but Carrie Ann, yes you CAN take a point off for lifts because you do it for every other competitor…and the fact that you won’t is just patronizing. So ridiculous.

I don't think you realize how hard it is for a person with two working legs to do a dance like that and preform as well as she had so if you think you can do better try cuz seriously she is amazing not only as an inspiration but as an athlete

I’m firmly on Amy’s side and in her corner.  I use a wheelchair myself (as I have Cerebral Palsy.)  My problem was not with Amy.  It was with Carrie Ann for not judging Amy on the same basis as she judges everyone else. I’ve dealt with my share of unwarranted pity and patronizing, and those are just as damaging and discriminatory as some of the more overt behaviors that might be readily recognized as discrimination.  If you look at Amy’s face after Carrie Ann’s comment about not deducting points for the lifts, Amy herself didn’t look pleased at the special treatment. Most people with disabilities (that I’m aware of anyway) wouldn’t be.
Carrie Ann is such a stickler for rules, and I’ve never seen her refuse to deduct points in the face of such blatant violation of the rules.  (Two HUGE lifts, both feet off the floor.)  I understand why they were in the dance.  I’m not saying I could do better.  I’m saying I would love for the judges and the host could see her as Amy the whole person and Amy the athlete and dancer, instead of Amy, the amputee and inspiration.

I can tell you have never had to deal with a single obstacle

As I just told someone else who took issue with my commentary about Carrie Ann - I wasn’t judging Amy in that moment.  It’s not about Amy.  It’s about Carrie Ann’s own double-standard.  She is such a stickler for rules that I have never seen her flagrantly disregard two lifts in a dance that didn’t permit lifts.  She did that BECAUSE she saw Amy as less.  That’s what I take issue with.  I understand why the lifts were there.  I just want to see Amy be judged on the same criteria as everyone else on the dance floor.  She’s an athlete.  If you saw her face after Carrie Ann mentioned not deducting points, Amy didn’t look pleased about it.  (And as someone with a disability myself, I completely get where she is coming from, and want, first and foremost to be judged equally.)