Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Advice: How Do You Manage With Your CP?

How do you manage with your cerebral palsy?

The thing about having Cerebral Palsy (at least, for me) is that it isn’t about “managing.” It’s about what’s normal. What I’m used to. Cerebral Palsy isn’t an injury I acquired later in life, I’ve had it since birth, and have grown up with it being the only life I know. So it’s kind of a strange question for me (inasmuch as being asked how you “manage” with your own life. Because you don’t manage. You just live.)
There are some things about my life that are likely different than your life.

For example, I use Canadian crutches to walk short distances, anywhere with stairs, and anywhere I can’t take my wheelchair:
I use my manual wheelchair (manual means I push it myself - it’s not electric) for longer distances and around home:

I also use a chair like this in the shower. I like it because it’s slip-resistant, because it has handles, and a back rest. My balance isn’t the best, even when sitting, so back rests are helpful.