Friday, June 27, 2014

Advice: Upset About Lack of Independence

I'm just so upset [about my lack of independence.]

I’m sorry.  I know how frustrating it is when you obviously know yourself and people in your life (who probably care a lot about you and totally mean well) don’t listen.  Know that in all likelihood, they are doing what they’re doing because they care.  (I’m not saying it’s right.)
Is it possible for you to talk to them apart from these moments?  Emotions run higher when you’re right in the midst of a situation, but maybe in a quiet moment you may have more success just talking and explaining how important it is to you to continue making strides toward your independence?
Surround yourself with people who affirm you, and who recognize that you have your own voice, and respect it.  If you haven’t found these people yet, hang tight, because we’re out here.  I know you don’t know me well at all, but I completely get how frustrated you are and how important having power over your body and your life and your circumstances is.  
Think about areas you DO have control over.  Even if they are small.
Maybe try talking to your family ahead of time about certain things you want to try doing yourself.  You know yourself, but they aren’t in your head with you.  It may help to give them a head’s up about what you’re thinking.  It might help to have a conversation about it.  So they know not to interfere, or to only help if you ask them first.
You totally don’t have to take any advice if you don’t want it.  I hope you know you’re not alone.  Take care and message me anytime.

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