Saturday, July 5, 2014

Advice: Finding a Balance When Exercising Causes Pain

I’m in so much pain right now from trying to do the right thing and exercising, I’m literally in tears. It’s like an never ending cycle I have to lose the weight to help improve my condition and go through less pain, but in trying to do so I’m in so much more then “normal”. I don’t know what to do anymore it seem so easy just to give up, but I can’t do that anymore 😭😩 feeling really alone right now.

I don’t know if I have any advice that will help but know that you are not alone. I experience this, too. I hadn’t done stretching in a long time, and earlier this year, I started again, and did it for a while until I started to feel intense pain and had to stop.

It occurs from time to time, and what’s helped me is to listen to my body. If you’re in lots of pain, first of all, manage that first. Ice, heat, Tylenol, meditation, whatever is soothing to you. Rest for at least 24 hours before trying anything else exercise related, When you feel ready, slowly start reintroducing exercise into your daily routine.

I walk laps as exercise, and this is a great example. Because to start out, I did 16 over the course of a single day. I kept that up every day for the longest time, until I started to have pain. It was pretty intense.

I cut back to 2 laps a day. And stayed at that level for a long time. Just recently, I noticed I was feeling weaker, and upped it to 4 laps daily. That’s what’s working for me now.

The key is to stay active. Doing a little exercise every day is definitely better than doing none at all. Do seated, low impact exercises while watching TV, for example. Try to consciously engage your core, when sitting, standing, etc. Pay attention to your body as you’re exercising. Slow down if you feel winded. Take it easy when you feel pain. 

You can also try substituting water for another beverage (say, pop or juice.) Try to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. That will help cut calories and will probably help you feel better, as well.

It’s really about finding a balance that works for you. Sending healing thoughts your way! Hope this helps!

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