Thursday, July 10, 2014

Advice: Mom of Child With CP Feeling Unsupported

I'm really not trying to be rude but have you ever noticed that a child that was born healthy but suffers some illness or injury later on in life, they are supported by large numbers of people who support the child and follow their “triumphs”. BUT a child born with a disability that they will never outgrow are brushed off. Is it because the others are born and show some amazing potential in those first formative years and then lose it? Or is it because the child born with the disability is never seen as a whole human being?

Don’t get me wrong. All children need support, but from the perspective of a mom with a child born with severe difficulties they will never outgrow or improve upon society just seem this way.

You may have to network a bit to find the support you’re searching for. But I can tell you that, as an adult with CP, my parents were my biggest advocates. 

You are your child’s biggest cheerleader. You can totally celebrate those triumphs, and encourage your child each day - trust me - that will mean the world to them. We don’t need huge amounts of people pulling for us, but we do need our families.

Focus on what you can control. Lean on your family and/or friends. I’m sure there are other parents in your shoes.

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