Sunday, July 6, 2014

Notting Hill

You guys. My sis just told me she recorded the end of Notting Hill, because I had to see it. It made her think of Artie in that Season 5 episode of Glee where he got left behind because there wasn’t room in the car for his chair.
Except this made her happy.
So, we watched the end of Notting Hill, where Hugh Grant’s family and friends get in the car together, to find Julia Roberts. One of them asks, “Where’s Bella?” (who’s a lawyer and a paraplegic.)
"She’s not coming."
We see her on the sidewalk, beside the car, full of all the people she loves. Her husband doesn’t think twice. He tells everybody in the car to move back, and free up the front seat, and without a word, everyone does.
He gets out and comes over to Bella, who claims she is fine staying behind, and kisses her, helping her into the car. The chair is also stowed quickly, with the help of everyone.
Hooray, Notting Hill!

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