Friday, September 26, 2014

Advice: Carrying Money While Shopping

Hello, just me, with yet another question. :) Since I need my hands free to push my chair or walker, what's a safe way to carry my money in public, other than a fanny pack or my bra (I hated touching boob or sock money as a cashier). I don't want to put any valuables on the back of my chair either. I've been just asking whoever I'm shopping with to hold my wallet, but I might go out alone sometime. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Great question!  I can only share what's worked for me and that's this purse.  It's small, lightweight and has a long, adjustable strap.  I've made the strap as short as possible, and when I go out in my chair, I wear this around my neck and one shoulder, so it's very close to my body.  (If you want an extra layer of security, you can always buckle it in with you.)  The biggest part of the purse snaps closed, which is where I keep my larger items (parking sticker), I keep the most important stuff in the zipped pocket and loose change in the very front tiny pocket.  (For reference, I believe this one was found at Kohl's.)

As a general note, if you're out alone, I would recommend taking your chair whenever possible if you need to handle money, because that can leave your hands free in a way a walker (or crutches) won't.

Hope this helps!  (And I always love questions!)

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