Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Thoughts on The Amazing Race 25 episode 3

There was not as much Bethany in this episode (there hasn't really been a ton of focus on her so far.)  However, I kind of like that.  That she's not given undo focus just because of her circumstance.

Things that leaped out at me:

When she asked Adam "How can I help you?" on the Roadblock/Detour and then instantly came up with a way to assist, by laying out the blocks.  I love that they worked together to get their pony where it needed to go.  And the sheep-herding was really interesting, because it was a real test of calm.  I love seeing them work together, and that there's never a focus on what Bethany can't do, but always on adapting and figuring out what she CAN do.

And I also got a good laugh when they came in second, and Bethany asked if they could go swimming but Phil told her that "the Puffin says the water's a little cold."

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