Saturday, January 10, 2015

Question: It's Not a Weird Fetish to Be Attracted to a Person with a Disability, Right?

Disabled people are people, and as such, lots of us are attracted to people and have people attracted to us.  Sometimes (as shown in these videos) that attraction crosses ability lines. My gut says this is how you meant your comment.   There is this societal belief that "disabled" is synonymous with "unattractive."  That is obviously not true.  

Purely for discussion's sake, though, if you're stating that RJ Mitte is cute solely because he is disabled, that's another matter.  Often, disabled people are infantilized (treated like children) or objectified (treated like things).  This is a reality for disabled people - and a dangerous one.  Obviously when you stop viewing someone as a capable, consenting adult there is an automatic imbalance in it.  I occasionally was called "so cute" in school in this manner, and it was super off-putting.  I also get the "you're too pretty to be in a wheelchair" comments, which are just gross.  So it wouldn't be a bad thing to recheck your motivation, especially if you have any doubts about why you found him cute.

If you are attracted to the whole disabled person, though, it's not wrong.