Friday, February 27, 2015

Exercise-Palooza: Week 3

You guys, week 3 of exercising was going so well and then I felt some pain coinciding with when I moved my left arm.  So I'm focusing on leg exercises today and taking the weekend off and hopefully (fingers crossed) I can get back to working out on Monday.

It is a little bit more intimidating for me to have anything hurt around my arms because I use my arms to get around.  Whether it's pushing my chair or walking with crutches.  So I'm taking this very seriously, because no one wants a more severe injury than a little bit of muscle strain.

Other than that it was a pretty successful week.  Almost four whole days on my new exercise program.  I definitely could feel it, especially the arms series.  But like I said earlier this week, even though that darn arm series is brutal, my arms are my favorite part of my body, so I am willing to push through.  (Ironically, it was the core series with arm pulses where I felt the muscle pain.)

More updates to follow next week.  Hopefully all will be well, and I'll be back to working out arms, core and balance, as well as my legs.

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