Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Noah Galloway on Dancing with the Stars (Week 1)

It's interesting to see another disabled person competing on Dancing with the Stars.  I always like seeing how movement and choreography is adapted in these cases.  I don't know much about Noah, other than that his kids are adorable!  I'm wondering what's up with the costuming, though.  While I can see, perhaps, the need for keeping the shirt sleeve short and out of the way, what's the purpose of giving him two different-length pant legs?  I kind of hope that stops in the coming weeks because it just feels unnecessary.

I liked and respected Julianne's comments about their connection, trust and the choreography (and the fact that "inspiration" never once crossed her lips.)  Bruno's weird reference to Noah having a "trump card" and to "play on that" was a little strange.  I can't with Carrie Ann and her major condescension.  It's been going on since Amy competed.  She and Len are "inspired."  But what I want to know is, does anyone look at his face (or Amy's when she was on) during these kinds of critiques?  I know that for whatever reason, being referred to as an inspiration is supposed to be a compliment, but I think, to most disabled people (for me, at the very least) it feels demeaning.

I wonder if he'll be given any constructive criticism next week.  I kind of hope so, if for no other reason than everyone else gets it.  I want to see Noah judged on the same basis everyone else is.

At least the scores weren't outlandishly high with pity points (only a couple, I think...)

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