Monday, June 5, 2017

Parenting Kids with Disabilities: Introduction

Dear Parents,

You are beyond important.  You are the adults we grow up trusting.  Looking to.  Relying on to keep us safe.

[Image is: a father's hands and a mother's hands cradling their baby's feet.  The baby is wearing their wedding rings on their toes,]

I know there are countless resources out there for parenting a kid with a disability.  But I've never read one written by a disabled adult, who can look back on childhood, and give parents an exclusive as to what many disabled kids need.

Maybe you've parented before.  Maybe your child with a disability is your first.  You probably know by now that there are tons of aspects of parenting your kid with a disability that don't show up in any of the parenting books.

These posts will be for you.  For the next three months, get ready to dive into accepting your child's diagnosis, presuming competence, invisible aspects of disability, and much more.  My goal is not to cover everything - my goal is to give you something so you don't feel quite so overwhelmed by the unknowns of the amazing life you get to parent.

This will by no means be an exhaustive, complete, or the only correct perspective.  I know there are countless people out there with disabilities who would likely have additional information to add, or who would differ in their opinion on a subject.  That's understandable, and perfectly okay.  (As I like to say, my blog is called Tonia Says for a reason - no question that it's one perspective - my own.)

I know you love your child.  I know you want the best for your child.  I'm writing these posts because I want to help.  I want your child to grow up feeling validated and valued, disability included, and I want to give you insight into raising a child who is likely growing up a bit differently than you did.

I hope you'll join me this summer (and beyond - whenever you find these posts) to explore these topics with me.


  1. TONIA - I'm not even a parent, and I'm so excited for this series!! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

  2. So excited for this series! I've been looking forward to this all summer!!

  3. Finally catching up on your posts now that my final exams are over. Thank you so much for reaching out to parents! Again and again I have seen disabled adults shut parents out of the conversation leading to resentment on both sides. We need to bridge the gap! Looking forward to this!

    1. Hi, Margot! Thanks so much! Look for a new post in the series Monday morning!