Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Advice: Encouragement Toward Disability-Related Goals

Did it feel okay for people to pray for (or encourage you toward) reaching goals that were specific to your disability? Like for [my nephew] being able to walk or communicate?

Depends on the way it's done, honestly. If the goals are realistic, then yes, I'd say so...but don't make them the be all and end all, you know? Celebrate the small victories, just as much as the big ones. Accept the communication he IS using as well as teaching him more. And if you (your family) can give him lots of control, that's awesome. Kids with disabilities often feel a lack of control over their bodies and the amount of pain they experience (due to surgeries or therapy.) So let him choose between 2 things whenever possible.

While I get that goal-setting is totally important, and meaningful, and will help in the long run, be sure he is loved and affirmed for who he is. Because he's [your nephew]. Not because he can walk. Or communicate in a traditional way.

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