Thursday, November 13, 2014

Where to Find Disabled Dolls (and other toys for disabled kids)

I was just reading a post online about how much someone wanted a disabled doll when they were growing up.  I can relate to that sentiment, and I often had to get creative with my dolls, as a child, to replicate disabilities.

The Pattycake Doll Company has a small collection of multicultural dolls and toys for kids with disabilities, including:

- dolls with Down Syndrome
- adaptive equipment for dolls (wheelchairs, a walker, crutches and a guide dog)
- other toys for kids with disabilities
- dolls that fit in toy wheelchairs and walkers
- animated and musical toys
- anatomically correct toys (to teach good and bad touch)
- learn to dress and activity dolls
- Sesame Street and familiar character dolls

There's also a great Roundup of Dolls with Disabilities at, which includes some of the above multicultural dolls and includes:

- dolls with prostheses
- dolls undergoing chemotherapy
- dolls going to physical therapy
- dolls with hearing aids
- dolls with a cane and seeing eye dog
- dolls with braces and Canadian crutches
- dolls with wheelchairs
- dolls with walkers
- dolls with protective helmets
- more dolls with Down Syndrome

American Girl Dolls also embrace disability and difference with wheelchairs and hearing aids (and more.)