Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Little Couple: My Thoughts on episode 7x03 "First Week of School"

If I Don't Get It Fixed, I'll Most Certainly Be in a Wheelchair:  This commentary (and more) by Bill regarding his back injury made me cringe a bit, so I was glad to have seen him post this while that episode was airing:

I Don't Think Either of Our Children Are Particularly Morning People:  7 AM is early, especially when they're not used to having to get up in the morning.  Get a little breakfast in them, and they'll be perkier.  I hope.

School!  A Rabbit:  I love hearing Zoey talk more, and especially seeing her bond grow with Bill has been amazing.  It's awesome to see her so comfortable with him.

Mommy, Stop:  And I definitely love hearing Will rock his two and three word sentences on a regular basis.  He's doing so well!  (Even if he doesn't like to get his hair brushed in the morning.)

It's Good to See Him Flourish and Speak His Mind:  It really is, Jen!

One of the Things We Needed to Acquire for School was Some Step Stools:  And this is really the crux of why I love this show.  Because when disabled parents raise disabled kids, adapting is just part of daily life, and they'll acquire things the kids need prior to them encountering a situation where they might need it.  

Hey Will.  Out of the Pantry.  That's for Later/School:  And here we have Will, in some ways behaving like a typical 4-year-old, getting into the pantry for a snack before school.  I did think about how school is a new place for him and how food means security for him in a lot of ways.  If so, I think it's positive that he remedies his own insecurity that way.  While not the best to have Goldfish crackers after breakfast, it's not the worst thing either.  I'm with Jen, and wouldn't have fought him on it.

Baba!  Cookies!  School!  I was also struck by how Will (naturally) didn't just get himself a snack.  He got one for Zoey, too.  Such a considerate big brother.

What Can You Use The Step Stool For?  And here we are again with the great, positive framing of the adaptive equipment.  I love how Jen takes time to talk to the kids about what they can use the stools for.  It's not "without this, you won't be able to reach such and such" it's "You can wash your hands, and Zoey, you can use yours to climb up and see the rabbit."  They know to emphasize all the ways the stools help.  Hooray for positive framing of adaptive equipment for the kiddos!

It's Some Kind of Weird Bug/A Bug!/It's a Bug.  I Know.  Gross:  Ha!  I love this conversation between Jen and Zoey, and how Jen and Bill always converse with them about what's going on, as well as acknowledging their fears.

We're Using Simulation with the High-Tech Mannequins to Train Family Members and/or Parents or Patients How to Manage their Medical Issues at Home:  I loved this part of the episode as well, having been a premature baby with a trach once upon a time.  I love seeing Jen training families so they know how to handle an airway emergency and having the opportunity to practice that, prior to bringing a baby home.  Really good to see that Jen's training family, parents and patients themselves for emergencies like this.  It's so important to make sure families are comfortable for situations that might arise.

One of the Things, I Think, That's So Fantastic About Will's Personality is that He's So Enthusiastic About Everything:  So amazing to see Will excel in swimming lessons!  As usual, I love that the whole family is in on it, watching and supporting him.  And I definitely think, aside from it being important for all kids to know how to swim, that it's prudent that both parents recognize Will's enthusiasm around water as both a positive and something to caution him about.  He does amazingly well!  So much fun to watch!

[Zoey] Warms Up To Things, When She Feels Like It Makes Sense:  So true!  She is a little more timid, but she still listens and does a good job.  I thought it was really smart of Jen to come back and sit right alongside the pool to watch and encourage Zoey in her lesson.  That she came when Zoey cried for her is really significant and great for their bonding, too.  

Thanks for Picking Up Some Lunch/Sure Thing/Thank You, Baba:  Another thing I just love about this family:  they not only love the kids, but Jen and Bill genuinely like and respect each other, and it shows.  I've never seen them get mean and nasty to each other, and the kids pick up on that.  Jen thanked Bill for lunch, and then, so did Will.

I Wasn't 100% Sure That Zoey Would Like School, But She Seems to Be Doing a Fantastic Job:  So happy to hear this!  Good job, Zoey!

[School] is an Environment That Mimics, Probably Eerily, in Institutional-Like Setting:  I cannot articulate how much I appreciated Jen and Bill's sensitivity and reassurance to Will regarding his reluctance to be separated from them, and go to school.  Without going into too much detail, or approaching it from too much of an adult place, I loved that they took the time to reassure him that he's loved, that they are his parents and this is his home.  Also, though, that he will come home to them every day, and they will always be his family "forever and ever."

With Two Kids?  And a Pool?  Yeah.  I Need to Learn CPR:  So great to have more training for the family and that they all get trained together and have Will and Zoey there.  I love that medical things and training are seen as necessary, positive, and kind of normalized.  

Finally Our Size Works in Our Favor and We Get to All Enjoy Toys:  Aw, I love it!  They can all play in the mini-SUVs!

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