Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month: Day 4: What Do I Have to Say?

I have been thinking about what to blog about for the fourth day of CP Awareness Month, and I'm coming up empty.  It's not that I have a shortage of things to say, but more that I'm wondering if what I say is relevant.  Is it repetitive?  Do I have anything unique to say?

I wonder that, and then I find myself really falling head first and loving the posts I read on other blogs (The Squeaky Wheelchair and Transcending CP) and relating so much to what they post.  So, maybe being unique isn't the point?  Maybe sharing my own experience is the point.

My body is my body.  CP is an integral part of my body.  It's a part of my brain.  It's a part of my being.  So why do I feel an internal wall go up when I think about possibly writing about it?

On my mind today:  one of my tires is constantly deflating.  As I've never had air-filled tires, I'm not too impressed with them thus far.  I'd only had the chair about a month when  I noticed one wheel deflating more often than the other.  I'm glad they're lighter weight.  I'm glad they offer a smoother ride.  But, I don't know the first thing about changing a tire and I don't drive, which makes "just go to the bike shop and they'll do it for you" a bit problematic.

I miss gel filled tires.

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