Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month: Day 5: Throwback Thursday

1st grade.

Sitting on that little stool for picture day was never the easiest for me.  Since my CP impacts my posture and my balance, I was always left feeling like I would topple off one of these seats.  That was never more evident than in first grade, when I was apparently so unsteady that my first grade teacher ducked out of the way and held me steady for the picture.

I remember hoping she couldn't be seen once the picture was developed, and when her hand was visible, I was pretty embarrassed.  None of the other kids' pictures had the teacher's hand stabilizing them (and most importantly, my sis didn't need anyone to support her for her picture.)

Now, though, when I think about it, it's kind of great that she did that.  I mean, no one wants to feel separate from their peers, least of all when they're six, but decades later, I'm grateful.  Because it's the little things like this that matter.  Being able to pose for my school picture three years before the ADA even passed.  Teachers were still thinking on their feet then.  Finding ways to help and include us.

I kind of love that my teacher's helping hand is literally visible in this picture, because it conveys so much.