Friday, March 6, 2015

Exercise-Palooza: Week 4

Taking last Friday and the weekend off for my sore muscle was definitely the right call.  (I shifted from doing five days on, two days off, to three days on and one day off.  That seems to be working better.)  As of Monday, I was back to exercising my legs, arms, core and balance (plus stretching, which has been going on simultaneously as well.  I'm already maxed out on a couple of things, as far as reps, which is satisfying (especially only having to do five slow push ups, two ways, oh my gosh,)  Balance is also at the max level.

For most of the rest of the arm series, and core, I'm currently at eight reps.  (I started at five.)  And for triceps, I'm currently at 13 reps (started at five and quickly increased to ten and beyond.)  My most favorite development this week is that my sis has joined me for the core series and triceps!  Makes it so much more fun to work out at least part of the day together!

And!  I don't know if I mentioned, but Tara bought an actual exercise mat (which is so much nicer than the blow up, roll out camping sleep pad I was using.)  I've started affectionately calling the new mat Fat Mat, because it's so nicely padded.

My only remaining update is that tomorrow, I will officially have been exercising for a whole month, which is pretty astounding for me.  Yesterday was my off day, and I always notice an off day because I end up chilling in the dark, wide awake, like I have all this extra energy.  When I work out, I think I sleep better.  (The dreams might even be more interesting.)

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