Friday, March 20, 2015

Exercise Palooza: Week 6

Up to 11 reps on abs/core and 16 on triceps.  I've started splitting up triceps morning/afternoon and obliques morning/afternoon/evening.  Today, my super stretchy right side seemed to get a little too much stretch.  Luckily tomorrow's an off day, so I can hopefully take some time off stretching (at least that side.)

On the positive side of things, I took Before pictures on February 25 - a few weeks into exercising.  March 18 (21 days later) I took an After picture and I am pretty stoked about the progress that's happening.  No more paunch.  Slimmer legs.  And more important than all of that, I feel better.  So encouraged to be able to see such a drastic change in three weeks' time.

Can only get better from here!

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