Thursday, April 30, 2015

Scene Review: Grey's Anatomy 8x24 "Flight"

This is one of my favorite moments on Grey's Anatomy, because it so clearly demonstrates adapting and how organically it happens.  

Often, when disabled people encounter different future situations, able bodied people will ask, "How are you going to do that?"  The answer is, honestly, usually, "I'll figure it out."  Because it's hard to foresee just how we will adapt in a new situation until we're in it.

In this scene, several of the doctors have been in a plane crash.  All are injured - some more severely than others.  In this scene, they discover that Dr. Sloan, whom they previously believed to be relatively unhurt has internal bleeding.  As they are all surgeons, they can approximate based on his symptoms, where the bleeding is and try to treat it, using what's there.

The compelling moment in this scene comes at 1:46-1:53 (if you are squeamish and don't wish to see medical procedures performed in the hospital or in the woods, for these few seconds, you'll be safe to watch.)  In this moment, you see Dr. Yang (who has a shoulder injury) and Dr. Derek Shepherd (who has a massive injury to one of his hands) successfully work together with the two hands between the two of them to hold and unscrew a bottle cap: