Friday, September 11, 2015

The Thing I Am Most Proud Of

The thing I'm proudest of isn't something I talk a lot about here:  I'm a published poet.

I've always loved writing, but didn't start writing poetry consistently until I was around 24.  I had this notebook I'd been given as part of a small church group I was attending with several other girls.  The same night I got it, I wrote my first poem in it.  Little did I know, that notebook would eventually hold most of the poems that went into my first book of poetry (published two years later.)  Four years later, I got published again - a book with more poems - and one where my sister took the photographs for the front and back covers.

I haven't written much poetry recently.  It's a desire that ebbs and flows.  Sometimes, it pours out of me (evidenced by the 5 or so notebooks and journals full of it, and the side blog that's entirely dedicated to it) but maybe someday soon I'll get back into the poetry-writing groove.

It definitely does my soul good.

Congratulatory flowers from my aunt, uncle and cousins after being published a second time in 2011

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