Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Grey's Anatomy: Disability Representation Series: 11x12 - The Great Pretender

This moment of representation is small, but I really like it.  In this scene, Arizona (an amputee as of season 9) is hanging out with her fetal surgery mentor, Dr. Nicole Herman.  Dr. Herman has a fast growing brain tumor, and is training Arizona via a lightening speed fellowship, so that all of Herman's knowledge is not lost if the outcome of the surgery is such that she cannot operate again herself.

In the scene below, Arizona laments the way her life used to be, saying, "I used to skate around this hospital," and Herman says, "Why don't you?"  Soon after, and not sounding sorry at all, she says, "Oops," realizing what did happen and why Arizona no longer wears her wheelie sneaks around the hospital.  I like the scene because of the organic way disability is brought up.  I like it because Herman isn't overly apologetic about an honest question, due to the fact that Arizona's amputation temporarily slipped her mind.  Mostly, though, I like it because Arizona lists a whole litany of things that are wrong in her life, her leg being gone is not among them.

This is, mostly, how it is (at least for me.)  People have this belief that because I'm disabled my life should be a certain way and if I have any problems they should automatically all link back to my disability, but usually, that's not the case.  I like that that's represented here.

This is a great scene by the way,  I'm so glad I found it so you guys could see it:

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