Friday, December 4, 2015

In The Time Machine

Yesterday, I found videos of Tara and I recovering from major surgery we had at 10 years old.  

The first is footage taken by Tara's 5th grade classroom teacher.  Mine appears on camera, sitting between us, and acting as interviewer.  

We were 2 weeks post surgery at this point (a week of which had been in the hospital.)  This was taken in January of 1992.  The videotape was meant to be a go-between for school and home, to let the kids know we were still a part of the class, and to let us feel like we were still a part of them:

The second video was taken by Tara's and my great grandpa, who loved to videotape everything we grandkids did when we came to visit.  The same was true when they visited us at home while we were recovering.  The second video was taken on February 6, 1992, almost 7 weeks post surgery:

At this point in history, the internet didn't exist.  We knew a maximum of 60 kids and 2 teachers (all of whom either my sister or I knew) which we were fine with.  Now, I  want to share them here, with the knowledge that there are little kids out there who have CP and have gone through difficult surgeries and recoveries.

We've been there, too, friends.  You're not alone.

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