Thursday, January 4, 2018

Review: Lethal Weapon 2x11 "Funny Money"

So, truth time?

I don't watch Lethal Weapon.  I didn't even know what it was about.  But when I saw this post by Ali Stroker I knew I needed to check it out.  Super rare to see a disabled characer on TV and even more so to see them portray a bad guy!

So I checked it out, and saw Ali in a couple of scenes!  Her character was named Nina.  One brief scene where she's behind the wheel of a car and is speaking to another bad guy.  This gets her eyed as a suspect in a crime.

The two main cops come into Nina's office later, and one says, "Put your hands up and back away from the desk."

Nina says dryly, "Pick one.  I can't do both," (just what I was thinking!) as she wheels out from behind the desk deliberately.

The cops give her a once over but continue to questions her in connection to a crime.  They ask where she was on a certain night.  They know she was close to the warehouse where the murder took place.  She says, "Did you see elevator access to the top floor of the warehouse?"  (Legitimate access barrier!)

And that was about it.  BUT it was glorious to see a character in a chair, where it was not all about her being in the chair.  I liked that she was treated as a suspect and that the cops did not suddenly coddle her or treat her unnecessarily mean.

Representation matters.  One small step here.  I love it.

(I believe you can still find this episode on OnDemand if you're interested...)


  1. Nina seems like a great character.

    And, yes, the access barrier in the lift!

  2. Cool! I like that they have a disabled bad guy. I did not realize Ali Stroker was an actress.