Monday, December 5, 2016

10 Things About The Holidays and Me (and CP)

1.  I love making out Christmas cards in early December, with holiday music playing (haven't gotten there yet this year...oops!)

2.  Snow is so pretty...but my CP does not love it.  It makes a lot of things harder.  Like walking, keeping my balance and flexibility.

3.  I love candy canes.

4.  Family time is the best.

5. Christmas movie I must watch every year?  A Christmas Story.

6.  Favorite random gift?  Christmas cookies!

7.  We have two Christmas trees, and only one ornament: Big Bird.  He is the star of any tree.

8.  My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night.

9.  My favorite person to sing Christmas songs with?  Definitely my cousin.  If you are close to me, you know which one I mean, and you know why... :)

10.  My favorite decorations are:

[Image is: Santa on the far left, dressed all cozily for winter, Christmas Cheer in the middle (a glass jar of red, green and gold jingle bells decorated with a white ribbon.  Far right is a close up of the tag on the Christmas Cheer: At a time when we should feel the most blessed The holidays can make us feel quite stressed.  When you feel the "crabbies" coming near, Sprinkle yourself with Christmas Cheer!!! (Sprinkle on others as needed)]
What are your favorite (or least favorite) things about the holidays?