Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Great Disability Blog Posts of 2016 (Part 1)

There have been a lot of amazing posts on disability this year.  And because there are just so many, I want to share them with you a bit at a time.  It's my hope that you'll find new blogs to follow, and new perspectives to consider:

A Grocery Store Trip by Fox at Fox Talks With Letters

Fox shares about a trip to the grocery store where a man made a rude comment to him about his accommodations.  Fox so vividly describes his need for this particular accommodation and why the man's comment so hurt him.  His mom told him what mine often told me: a variation of "don't let him get to you," as this is "not a regular thing." As Fox puts it: BUT STARES ARE REGULAR.  Long after you have forgotten the comment made in the grocery store, the little boy you made it about is still thinking about it.  For a brilliant firsthand account of a child experiencing ableism, please read this.

[Image is: the HARD TERRIBLE GROCERY STORE, as Fox describes it in his post.]

a question by Jess at A Diary of a Mom

Jess makes a compelling point about privacy for autistic kids on the internet.  Curious about what I mean?  Check out the post.  You won't regret it.

K does an outstanding job in this post at explaining just how difficult it is to be spontaneous with CP (and how difficult it is to multitask!)  If you've got CP, or if a loved one does, check this out.  You'll either come away knowing you're not alone, or with a greater understanding of why a walk in the park ISN'T a walk in the park when you have CP.

Being a Black Disabled Woman Is An Act of Defiance: Remembering #KorrynGaines by Vilissa at Ramp Your Voice!

Vilissa is, as always, a strong voice for the Black Disabled community.  She boldly shares about how being a Black disabled woman is an act of defiance and what that means, exactly.  Her voice is much needed.  If you have not read her blog yet, check it out.

#DisabilityTooWhite: Making the “Good Trouble” in Advocacy by Vilissa at Ramp Your Voice!

The hashtag itself is very in-your-face, and that is how I want it to be remembered – there is no question what it is about, and the discussion that is to follow.  I, like so many, are tired of the “tip-toeing” around sensitive matters in our communities and advocacy to protect or coddle the feelings of those who will be most resistant in trying to effect change that will empower us all. - Vilissa


Which one of these posts resonated with you the most, and why?  Share in the comments!  (And don't forget to comment to Fox, Jess, K and Vilissa if you liked their posts, too!)


  1. Aww, Tonia <3 Thank you for including my post on this list! I can't wait to check out the others as well!

    1. K, Your post is my favorite out of all of these!!!!

    2. I was going to comment about your post, but yay, I get to address it directly to you!

      K, your "A Walk in the Park From the Depths of Hell" post was not only one of my favorites I've read anywhere this year (and I read A LOT of CP blogs), but all-time favorite of yours! It perfectly sums up all of the challenges that come with both spontaneity and disclosure for people with CP. So relatable; so perfect! I can't wait to read more from you in 2017! ❤️

      (Oh, and I'm that person who commented on your "Walk in the Park" post about disclosing disability through writing.)

  2. Making a list of good blog posts is an EXCELLENT IDEA! Please make a lot more of these!! They are very helpful for me because it keeps everything in one place. I read all of these earlier and liked them all for different reasons.

    1. Margot,

      So glad you like them! I do have several more to post over the next week or so. Like you, I enjoy all of them for different reasons.

    2. Great Tonia! I just saw the 2nd post. Love it! btw, are you going to review anymore of Speechless?

    3. Glad you saw the post from yesterday. And I don't know if I will continue to review Speechless. I still watch it, though.


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