Sunday, May 31, 2015

Book Review: Life Is Short by Jennifer Arnold, MD & Bill Klein

I have been so excited about this book and having the opportunity to read it over the past four days, I can say that it did not disappoint.  I very much enjoyed reading about the lives of Dr. Jennifer Arnold and her husband Bill Klein - and even a little about their two children, Will and Zoey.

Because I don't want to spoil it for others who may be looking forward to reading it themselves, I'll keep my review fairly general.  There were very few things I disliked.  There wasn't much about their current family life (only the very last chapter) but that I can understand, in terms of respecting their children's privacy.  The "we didn't let our disabilities hold us back" narrative was a bit strong at times. but overall, not intrusive.

I really enjoyed the alternating POVs in each chapter, and getting to know both Jen and Bill individually.  I loved learning how they adapted in different situations.  I related to many of the things they shared in the book, from stories of discrimination, to surgeries as children, to even dealing with depression in college.  I also loved learning a bit more about Will and Zoey and the adoption processes for both kids.  It was great to read more about Jen's career, as well.

Definitely a worthwhile read.  I really enjoyed it!

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  1. I for one was very disappointed in this book. After waiting for 3 months for it! I really wanted to read more about the children and life at home , it seemed to be all about Jen and Bill and we already know their story I was very disappointed that the children got only one chapter the last one

    1. Maybe when the children grow up they will want to tell their own story. I, for one, really respect Jen and Bill for not compromising their children's privacy and keeping the book mostly about themselves.